Who We Are

We are a local group of community leaders who are focused on health, policy, and data-driven approaches. We use collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions to improve the health of our communities as a part of the state’s Medicaid Transformation efforts. Our goal is to activate Medicaid beneficiaries, health and social service providers, payers, and other community members to join in building a healthier region together.

Guided by a vision of Whole Person Health, we believe that everyone deserves to be as healthy as possible. By integrating behavioral and physical care, as well as supporting capacity-building initiatives and collaborative approaches, we are transforming health care in North Central Washington.

Why does NCACH exist and how does it serve the region?

  1. NCACH addresses health equity and improves the wellbeing of all people in the North Central Region.
  2. NCACH advances social, emotional, physical, and behavioral health as embodied in the principles of whole-person care.
  3. NCACH catalyzes the success of other entities by making complementary efforts and maintaining an environment of collaboration and community benefit.
  4. NCACH unifies regional efforts by coordinating and promoting collaboration across sectors.
  5. NCACH helps groups focus on cross-cutting priorities, pursues durable solutions, and prioritizes efforts that deliver systemic improvement.

The mission of the North Central Accountable Community of Health is to Advance whole-person health and health equity in North Central Washington by unifying stakeholders, supporting collaboration, and driving systemic change, with particular attention to the social determinants of health.

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