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Care Coordination

Care Coordination

According to the National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation5% of the population account for 50% of healthcare spending in the United States.

By promoting care coordination across the continuum of health for Medicaid beneficiaries, we can ensure that those with complex health needs are connected to the interventions and services needed to improve and manage their health while reducing overhead costs to the system.

The Care Coordination Workgroup is currently in process of selecting and implementing a care-coordination infrastructure, using a model called the Pathways HUB. Once implemented, a central care-coordinating agency will work to make sure that people have access to the care and services that they need, by managing a shared platform for clinical providers, social service agencies, emergency medicine services, and behavioral health providers to use.

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NCACH’s Care Coordination Workgroup will begin meeting in 2018. Meeting minutes will be shared below. Meeting locations and call-in details can be found on the NCACH Calendar.


Meeting Resources

The Pathways Community HUB Workgroup stopped meeting on June 27, 2018.

Moving forward, the Pathways HUB progress will be monitored by an advisory body convened by Community Choice, the HUB Advisory Board.

Please find meeting materials below:

JulyAgendaMinutesMeeting Resources
June AgendaMinutesMeeting Resources

NCACH’s Care Coordination Workgroup staff support lead:

Christal Eshelman, Program Development Specialist

Email Christal ││ 509-886-6434