Chelan-Douglas Coalition for Health Improvement

Chelan-Douglas CHI

The Chelan-Douglas CHI meets every second Wednesday of the month, 3:00pm – 4:30pm. Meeting minutes will be shared below. Meeting locations and call-in details can be found on the NCACH Calendar.

NCACH Master Calendar

For 2019, the Chelan-Douglas CHI is hosted by Action Health Partners, a health and education partner, based in Wenatchee.

Chelan-Douglas CHI Administrator: Chelan-Douglas CHI Board Seat:
Kelsey Gust, Action Health Partners
Email Kelsey
Brooklyn Holton, City of Wenatchee
Email Brooklyn

CHI Meeting Minutes and Resources:

NCACH’s CHI staff support lead:

Sahara Suval, Communications and Engagement Manager

Email Sahara││ 509-886-6441