On October 10, the Chelan-Douglas Coalition for Health Improvement hosted its first special community event, Chelan-Douglas Rides to Work: An Employment and Transportation Forum.

Born out of a need to assist individuals exiting treatment programs and looking for work, the Chelan-Douglas Coalition for Health Improvement has been focusing on developing employment-related transportation solutions since July.

(Photo – Coalition members, Amanda and Kris, welcome participants to the Forum on October 10th. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – Forum participants brainstorm ideas and solutions for community-based transportation services. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

NCACH’s three Coalitions for Health Improvement are working to build a healthier North Central Washington by addressing things that affect health outside of the clinic – things like access to employment, transportation, housing, nutrition, and community programs. The Chelan-Douglas CHI has recently identified a large gap in programs and resources available to support those who are working (or seeking work) in Chelan and Douglas Counties, which is how the Forum came to be.

(Photo – Forum meeting materials. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – Rosenda Henley, with People for People, speaks about different transportation programs available for Chelan and Douglas Counties at the Forum on October 10th. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – Community partner, Molina Healthcare, graciously provided delicious food from La Fuente, a locally owned business in Wenatchee. Photo provided by Donny Guerrero, all rights reserved.)

The event featured a series of activities aimed at developing community-based solutions to employment-related transportation in Chelan and Douglas Counties, including presentations on currently existing transportation programs, breakout sessions to discuss opportunities and challenges, and reviewing a Landscape Assessment capturing current statistics and perceptions of available transportation resources and need.

(Photo – The Landscape Assessment was compiled based on surveys taken by Forum participants. Surveys asked questions about transportation resources, services, and need. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – The Post-Forum Results captured attendees and feedback gathered from the Forum. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

“It’s an important opportunity to come together and to engage all current and prospective partners in Chelan and Douglas Counties in this conversation” says Tanya Gleason, Capacity Development and Grant Manager at North Central Accountable Community of Health, as well as a Chelan-Douglas CHI member.

(Photo – Forum attendees work on developing solutions and next steps. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – Breakout session discussions. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

(Photo – Continued brainstorming at the Forum. NCACH, all rights reserved.)

Following the Forum, the Chelan-Douglas CHI will be working to develop next steps at their November 14th meeting. CHI meetings are open to anyone working, living, or commuting in Chelan and Douglas Counties, and the public is encouraged to attend.

For more information about the Chelan-Douglas CHI, please visit https://ncach.org/CHI or reach out Kelsey Gust, Special Projects Coordinator with Action Health Partners.