At the November Board Meeting, we shared some information from the Health Care Authority with our Pay for Performance (aka P4P) baseline metrics. The Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) framework has lots of layers and it can feel overwhelming to understand. Some of you probably can’t wait to catch up on reading the 138-page Measurement Guide over the holidays 😉 For the rest of you, here’s what you need to know.

The MTP started in 2017 and technically lasts 5 years. In the early years, ACHs mostly earn revenue by reporting on key milestones – this is known as Pay for Reporting or P4R. Our ability to earn revenue is critical, since it’s a prerequisite for distributing funds to our partners! As the MTP progresses, ACHs earn less and less of their revenue through P4R, and more and more of their revenue through P4P. Which means we are on the hook to hit specific improvement targets.

The P4P funding technically starts in 2019. Our results in 2019 will be compared to the baseline results for calendar year 2017; 2020 will be compared to 2018; and 2021 to 2019. Each time, NCACH will have specific improvement targets. If we achieve 100% of the targets, we get 100% of the P4P money.

Hitting our targets depends on collective effort from all of our funded partners, and we look forward to continuing to coordinate and support their work in the New Year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!

If you’re still reading, congratulations! Perhaps, you want to know more?
• You can find a comparison of baseline and improvement targets across all ACHs in this 2019 ACH Improvement Targets Report
• If you want to see NCACH’s baseline results broken out by county, download the 2017 dashboards we shared with our Board and Whole Person Care Collaborative earlier this month.

• And if you want to explore the data further or understand some of the measures better, dive really deep by exploring the transformation measures tab of the Healthier Washington data dashboard.
• Have any questions? Contact Caroline at