How would you like the behavioral health system throughout North Central Washington to function?  Sign up to be part of the “Evolving the Behavioral Health System” workgroup that North Central Accountable Community of Health will be hosting during February-June of 2022.

Join us to have your voice be heard as we identify successes and challenges within the current system and work together to develop solutions to meet the needs of residents throughout the region.

The new “Evolving the Behavioral Health System” group is designed for those who use, work, or simply have an interest in our region’s behavioral health system.  The twice-a-month sessions will be especially ideal for those with lived experience, as well as those who work in schools, court systems, law enforcement, social service agencies, agencies or clinics that provide mental health or substance abuse services, primary care providers, and hospitals and emergency departments.

We want to bring together stakeholders throughout Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Grant counties who can help identify the local gaps, problems, strengths, and opportunities they see in our behavioral health system.  This group will provide helpful input and leadership with what is now happening with behavioral health in NCW, and how local successes and ideas can be replicated into other communities toward successfully improving the system.

Ten sessions will be held from February through June, split between Zoom and all-day in-person formats.

Dates for the series are:

For more information, contact Wendy Brzezny at