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Medicaid Transformation

Medicaid Transformation

The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and the State of Washington have signed a contract for implementation of a 5-year Medicaid Transformation (formerly known as the Waiver).

The Medicaid Transformation includes three major initiatives:

  • Initiative 1: Transformation through Accountable Communities of Health
  • Initiative 2: Long-term services and supports
  • Initiative 3: Supportive housing and supported employment

Initiative 1, which will be supported by about $1.125B of the Transformation’s total $1.5B in funding over 5 years, will build incentives for providers who are committed to changing how we deliver care. Each region, through its Accountable Community of Health (ACH), is able to pursue projects aimed at transforming the Medicaid delivery system to serve the whole person and use resources more wisely.

The NCACH, which is comprised of Chelan, Douglas, Grant, and Okanogan Counties, has selected six care transformation projects to implement. They are:

For more information on each project, upcoming meetings, and project documents, click on the appropriate link above.

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NCACH’s Submitted Medicaid Transformation Project documents

Phase 1 Certification
Phase 1 Project Plan (2017)
Project Plan - Supplemental Workbook
Phase 2 Certification
NCACH Submitted Implementation Plan - Narrative
NCACH Submitted Implementation Plan - Workbook

NCACH’s submitted Semi-Annual Reports

Semi-Annual-Report (January - June 2018)
Semi-Annual-Report (July - December 2018)
Semi-Annual-Report (January - June 2019)