OLYMPIA — February 14, 2018

NCACH Executive Director, Senator Linda Evans Parlette, received an unexpected surprise during a visit to Capitol Hill this week — a Senate Resolution in her honor!

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Senate Resolution 8708 was passed, honoring Senator Parlette’s twenty year career in Washington State Senate. Sponsors of the resolution spoke about Senator Parlette’s perseverance, grace, and willingness to mentor junior legislators, as well her tireless advocacy as the State’s “12th-Woman,” serving in North Central Washington’s 12th District.

See the full resolution here

Congratulations, Senator Parlette! We thank you for your years of service to State, and your continued dedication to improving the lives and health of those in North Central Washington.

Or, as Senator Parlette would say, “CHARGE ON!”


Watch Senate proceedings honoring Senator Parlette (starting around 2:26:00)