On Monday, June 4, the North Central Accountable Community of Health’s Governing Board appointed local organization, Community Choice, to serve as the Pathways Community HUB.

After reviewing and scoring the Request for Proposals submitted to NCACH to serve as the lead agency for the Pathways Community HUB in the North Central Region, Community Choice has been awarded an initial contract of $138,000 to engage in planning activities for a HUB Launch in January 2019.

The Pathways HUB model is an evidence-based community care coordination approach that removes duplication through a singular technology system to track care coordinators and outcomes.

NCACH’s goal in the Medicaid Transformation is to promote and achieve Whole Person Care. NCACH recognizes that much of a person’s overall health comes from factors outside traditional healthcare settings. A selected NCACH Medicaid Transformation Project, the Pathways Community HUB will connect clients between both clinical and non-clinical services to ensure that some of the most vulnerable Medicaid beneficiaries in the area have access to critical services through on-going care coordination.

Community Choice Executive Director, Deb Miller, shares “I’m thrilled our organization was selected to support Medicaid Transformation from the community level. I look forward to working with the North Central Accountable Community of Health to connect patients with the community resources they need.”

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