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Okanogan Coalition for Health Improvement

Okanogan CHI

The Okanogan CHI Meeting minutes will be shared below. The Okanogan CHI meets on an every-other-month basis. Meeting locations and call-in details can be found on the NCACH Calendar.

NCACH Master Calendar

For 2019, the Okanogan CHI is hosted by the Okanogan County Public Health with support from Action Health Partners.

Okanogan CHI Administrator: Okanogan CHI Board Seat:
Lauri Jones, Okanogan Public Health
Email Lauri
Mike Beaver, Okanogan County Juvenile Court Services
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CHI Meeting Minutes and Resources:

NCACH’s CHI staff support lead:

Sahara Suval, Communications and Engagement Manager

Email Sahara││ 509-886-6441