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Whole Person Care

Our Vision

The North Central Accountable Community of Health uses Whole Person Care as a guiding tenet in our work with regional partners. Our region’s vision of whole person care is for a patient to reach a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being by creating healthcare systems that achieve the Triple Aim:

  1. Improve the patient experience of care
  2. Improve population health, and
  3. Reduce the per capita cost of health care

What is Whole Person Care?

Whole Person Care recognizes that a person’s state of health is influenced by much more than the health care they receive. Health is affected by health care, genetics, environmental factors (such as housing, employment) and personal behaviors (such as diet, exercise, substance abuse, etc.) Whole Person Care requires us to pay attention to and address all of these factors.

Whole Person Care more effectively connects patients with resources outside the clinic which help address health-related social issues such as housing, education, and other social determinants of health. Whole Person Care also eliminates the divide between behavioral health and medical care.

Integrating Physical and Behavioral Health

Whole Person Care relies on an integrated network of primary care and behavioral health providers who are committed to creating and exceeding new standards of care in the North Central Region.

One of the ways to support integration of physical and behavioral health is to integrate those benefits under one Medicaid insurance plan. The majority of the North Central Accountable Community of Health region (Chelan, Douglas, Grant) transitioned to Full-Integrated Managed Care on January 1, 2018. Learn more about this on our FIMC page.

January 1, 2018 – North Central Accountable Community of Health joins as a mid-adopter in Integrated Medicaid Contracting (IMC). 

NCACH Whole Person Care Collaborative

Our Whole Person Care Collaborative (WPCC) is a central mechanism to promote alignment and bi-directional integration of clinical provider transformation efforts in the North Central Region, through a shared vision of whole person care.

For more information, jump to our Whole Person Care Collaborative page, or contact our Whole Person Care Collaborative Manager, Wendy Brzezny