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NCACH Monthly Partner Convenings

The monthly Partner Convening sessions we’ve started in 2022 unite all of our region’s health associates together as a single group to share best practices and our collective ideas in advancing whole-person health and health equity.  The information in each two-hour session is designed to expand on the impact and progress our individual organizations can make together throughout region.  Special presentations on subject-specific topics are also offered each month.  Meeting dates and details for logging in online can be found on each month’s calendar on our website.  All of our regional partners are invited to be a part of the NCACH Partner Convening activities!

January 2022 Partner Convening meeting on YouTube – Bridging To Our Future State

– January 2022: Partner Convening Slides PDF

– NCACH Bridging To Our Future State and 2022 Strategic Priorities (January 2022) PDF

February 2022 Partner Convening meeting on YouTube – Thriving Together Framework with Monte Roulier, plus CEO Tyler Norris of the Well Being Trust

5-minute highlights of presentation by Well Being Trust CEO Tyler Norris (YouTube)

The Thriving Together Network – Highlights of presentation by Monte Roulier (YouTube)

– February 2022 Partner Convening Slides

March 2022 Partner Convening meeting on YouTube – Network science with Dr. Danielle Varda of Visible Network Labs

– March 2022 Partner Convening Slides


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NCACH Semi-Annual Reports

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NCACH Whole Person Care Collaborative

4-year overview of the work, accomplishments, and outcomes of the WPCC  – PowerPoint presented during March 2022 NCACH Governing Board meeting

Social Determinants of Health, and Health Equity

World Health Organization – Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Achieving Health Equity – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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