March 03, 2020 — After much consideration, the North Central Accountable Community of Health (NCACH) has decided to discontinue the contract held with Action Health Partners to implement the Pathways Community HUB. This decision was largely impacted by the Washington State Health Care Authority’s (HCA) recent decision to no longer support the Pathways Community HUB model as the priority approach for care coordination.

Since launching a pilot in Moses Lake in October 2018, the North Central Pathways HUB model has been challenged by low enrollment rates, technology barriers resulting in delayed expansion, and an inability to identify sustaining payers beyond NCACH’s initial investment. In late 2019, the Health Care Authority indicated that, while they remained supportive of community-based care coordination, they were prioritizing Health Homes as the program for high-risk Medicaid beneficiaries and that future funding for Pathways HUB would have to come from local and regional partners. Given all of these factors, the NCACH Governing Board and Executive Director made the difficult decision to discontinue funding the Pathways Community HUB model managed by Action Health Partners at NCACH’s March 2 Board meeting.

NCACH and Action Health Partners have been working closely throughout this process, and NCACH remains committed to support Action Health Partners as they phase out the Pathways Community HUB model over the next few months. We are so grateful to Action Health Partners and the on-the-ground partners — Grant Integrated Services, Moses Lake Community Health Center, Rural Resources, and Samaritan Healthcare — for having the courage to be trailblazers and to share both positive and constructive feedback along the way.