WPCC Learning Community

WPCC Learning Community

The WPCC Learning Community is our primary means of funding and engaging outpatient providers to implement clinical health improvement efforts that support the objectives of NCACH’s six selected projects under the Medicaid Transformation.

All eligible providers were required to complete a baseline assessment identifying opportunities for improvement. Providers also will complete a change plan articulating their organization’s vision and road map towards whole person care. Implementation of their change plan – designed to build on practice transformation work that our partners have already been working on – will be an iterative and ongoing process over the next 4 years.

Learning Activities

By engaging in learning activities offered by the NCACH, our WPCC Learning Community members will receive technical assistance and support to implement their change plans. Doing this through a collaborative framework will support systematic approaches to process improvement while strengthening connections between providers as they share successes and learn from their peers.

Learning activities will be offered throughout the course of the Medicaid Transformation and will be tailored to the needs voiced by our provider group. Grounded in the Institute for Health Improvement Model for Improvement, learning activities will be structured to assist teams with the following:

  • Describe a clinical/process improvement goal
  • Set up a measurement strategy so Learning Community teams know what success is
  • Learn ideas from each other and outside experts
  • Test ideas locally
  • Share what they learn
  • Implement the thoroughly tested ideas
  • Measure progress
  • Learn how to spread and sustain

Meeting Resources

Learning Community Kickoff – March 24, 2018

WPCC Learning Community Kickoff, Provider Storyboards

March 24, 2018

(All photos by NCACH. All rights reserved.)

Whole Person Care Collaborative staff support lead:

Wendy Brzezny, Whole Person Care Collaborative Manager

Email Wendy (509) 886-6445