An account of the “WPCC Roadshow” from Whole Person Care Collaborative staff, Caroline Tillier and Peter Morgan:

June was a fun month because we spent much of our time getting out in the field as part of our “WPCC Roadshow.” Our road to better health is a long one – both literally and figuratively! Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, our roadshow involved 3 cars, 5 NCACH staff, 8 days, 17 WPCC Learning Community organizations, 25 hours of face time with funded partners, and probably more than 1,500 miles of collective driving from Othello to Omak and from Leavenworth to Grand Coulee!

NCACH staff, Christal Eshelman, Peter Morgan, and Caroline Tillier, standing in front of Coulee Medical Center


After detecting a bizarre vibration (is it the road or the car??) NCACH staff, Caroline Tillier, tightens a few loose lug nuts on the drive. Safety first!


NCACH is grateful to have encountered so many wonderful people contributing to Whole Person Care across the region!

The purpose of the roadshow was to check in with each of the 17 Whole Person Care Collaborative (WPCC) Learning Community organizations to assess their progress on developing their change plans and to provide any assistance needed for them to complete the task by July 31st. We also used the opportunity to delve into responses to a questionnaire sent out to all the members and to get feedback on the proposed learning activities. The 17 WPCC member organizations provide critical outpatient care in our 4 county region, and our roadshow gave us an opportunity to check-in face-to-face with the provider teams working on change plans.

Staff from Parkview Medicaid Group gave us a tour of their child-friendly office, including a room tailored to the needs of children struggling with behavioral health issues.


Diner food and coffee are an essential part of any road trip.

We learned about successes, breakthroughs and challenges as teams figure out how to leverage the change plan template to support their broader quality improvement goals. As an ACH, investing time in these meetings was important. This Medicaid Transformation is not easy, and we want to be good partners. That means we need to check and adjust our own process by listening and responding to partner feedback – both the good, and the bad. One clear takeaway: every organization and staff we met with impressed us for different reasons, and we consider ourselves lucky to be part of the collaborative spirit in the region. A huge thank you to the teams that made time for these meetings, and welcomed us with coffee, treats, and lunch!


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