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Whole Person Care Collaborative


In 2015, the North Central Accountable Community of Health (NCACH) Governing Board selected whole person care as the primary project under a State Innovation Model (SIM) program. A Primary Care Transformation Workgroup was formed, and in the fall of 2016 the workgroup adopted a broad vision of whole person care and formed the Whole Person Care Collaborative (WPCC).

Read more about our Whole Person Care vision.

WPCC Evolution

In January 2017, Washington State’s Medicaid Transformation Project Demonstration grant was approved by the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the NCACH began planning for regional health improvement projects as part of this 5-year contract initiative.

The Medicaid Transformation presents an opportunity to build on this project and incorporate whole person care into six health improvement projects selected by the NCACH Governing Board. Because many purposes of the Medicaid Demonstration Projects cannot be addressed without changes in the care of patients, clinical provider organizations have a major role to play.

The WPCC promotes alignment of provider transformation efforts in the North Central Region with a shared vision of whole person care. As our region moves from planning to implementation in 2018, we are finding a need to fine-tune roles and functions of the WPCC moving forward. These roles and function are further defined on the following pages:

Whole Person Care Workgroup

Whole Person Care Learning Community

Whole Person Care Resources

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January WorkshopFor more information on the Whole Person Care Workshop hosted January 27, 2017, please visit the Whole Person Care document vault:
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Whole Person Care Collaborative staff support lead:

Peter Morgan, Director of Whole Person Care

Email Peter (206) 465-5027